Star Trek convention video goes viral!

The Star Trek Chicago '75 film premiered on YouTube, Feb 19 2010. Since then, It has been picked up by many Sci-fi related sites around the globe. "This convention was attended by the entire cast and may the reason for the video's popularity", says Rich Portnoy who filmed the event. "The fan response has been incredible", noting the barrage of comments on YouTube and personal emails, "One pointed out that David Gerrold, author of The Trouble with Tribbles, is the one kissing Nichelle Nichols". "I was also contacted by members of the The Dorsai Irregulars", Rich referring to the ones dressed like Klingons, "Turns out, they're a hardworking band of SciFi fans who [still to this day] provide operation support and crowd control for similar events." The number of views have now exceeded 22,000.

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Pics from Star Trek Chicago '75

William Shatner pic 1 Deforest Kelley William Shatner pic 3 William Shatner pic 4 Arlene Martel William Shatner pic 5
Leonard Nimoy George Takei Nichelle Nichols William Shatner pic 2 Walter Koenig James Doohan

Star Trek Fan Letter to Gene Roddenberry

Note to Joe from Gene

BroadBarn acquired this document from the Profiles in History auction house. It is a letter to Gene Roddenberry from a fan of the original Star Trek series. Gene thought enough of this letter to send it to Joe Jennings, Art Director of Star Trek, The Movie. For what may be the first time ever, the entire fan letter along with the note to Joe are being displayed to the public.

The Note to Joe from Gene is regarding a letter from an astute Star Trek fan. There appears to be enough clues in the fan's letter to Gene to pinpoint the time it was written. If anyone can decipher those clues, please suggest the date it was authored. The note to Joe Jennings may have been sent sometime prior to the production of the first Star Trek Movie, for which Joe was the Art Director. The fan letter could have been written several years earlier.

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